Wynonna Earp Recap – Season 02, Episode 07

Wynonna Earp Recap – Season 02, Episode 07

Episode number: S02E07
Episode title: Everybody Knows
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Gayness: 2 out of 5 stars 2/5

Today’s episode starts with Wynonna and Dolls checking in on Tucker. He’s not there but his sisters are, and Wynonna is on to them because she can tell a fun bitch (Mercedes before) from a bitch bitch (Mercedes now). This doesn’t really have any relevance in this episode, though, but I hope it means real Mercedes will get rescued before long.

Doctor and patient in Wynonna Earp
Doctor and patient.

So Wynonna gets an OBGYN, a feisty woman in a white lab coat (played by Imali Perera). I like her. She tells Doc to smoke outside, which really he should have done anyway. Who goes into someone’s house and smokes? It’s also established that Doc may not be the father, which gets out in one of those annoying TV ways by Waverly mentioning it to him because she thought Wynonna had already told him.

Speaking of Doc, there’s a whole subplot about him being marked by fire for fornicating an eternity ago before he got thrown into a well. This subplot goes along with a binding spell Jeremy carries out that binds Jeremy, Doc and Dolls together, and while I’m glad Jeremy gets to be pals with the other guys in the show, I could not muster up any interest in the whole “Doc gets the death penalty” thing. Probably because it was apparent from the start that this was not going to be how Doc met his demise. As it turns out, the ghost about to execute Doc was a legendary predecessor of Dolls’, and as Dolls outranked this legend, the whole problem went away.

Nicole in the strip club
“Hello, darling. I’m in a strip club drinking to beers at once. You?”

Jeremy got to hang out with the other boys in this episode, and Nicole gets to hang out with her girlfriend’s sister. Everyone’s included today! While they try to find the guy who might be Wynonna’s unborn child’s father, Nicole drinks all the alcohol Wynonna orders and gets more and more drunk, which is of course always funny. (And somewhat exaggerated.) Side note: Waverly went to three strip-clubs and found her gf and her sister at the fourth. How big is Purgatory to have four strip-clubs?!

As it turns out, the likely father of Wynonna’s baby is a revenant, and when he realizes what has happened and that there might be an Earp/revenant cross-breed (so to speak), Nicole and Wynonna decide to kidnap him to make sure the secret doesn’t get out.

This is one of those things the show does: Wynonna spends her life killing revenants, but suddenly there’s a hesitation if she should kill this particular one. Why? Then a scene ensues where he’s being a complete twerp for five minutes. And then he gets killed anyway. Why let him insult you for five minutes first?

Dolls and Doc being friends
Also happening: Dolls and Doc don’t hate each other anymore.

In the final scene, Waverly confesses her belief that she might not be an Earp at all. This whole episode makes me wonder if she’s half revenant herself. Surely the black goo that posessed her at the beginning of the episode would have pointed that out, though, no? We’ll see.

Stray Thoughts From The Wife

  • That whole subplot with the ghost marshall was somewhat tedious filler, but I do enjoy Doc and Dolls’ bromance.
  • Jeremy is starting to border on annoying. Or at least he was in this episode. His role as resident goofy science guy is a bit of a trope. I hope we see some depth to him soon, or development of his story.
  • Oh no, Waverly, don’t– Ack. Saw that misstep coming a mile off!
  • Demon!dad doesn’t have much sense of self-preservation, does he? I guess he just couldn’t resist the temptation to taunt Wynonna.
  • Nicole and Wynonna bonding was fun to watch. I’m not sure why Nicole felt she had to drink booze though – Is it not possible to go to a strip club and order a Coke? But she did make an adorable drunk, so I’m not complaining too much.

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