Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E08: Waiting Forever for You

Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E08: Waiting Forever for You

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Gayness: 3 out of 5 stars 3/5

The buddy movie theme continues in episode 8 of season 3, and there’s a Big Gay Dinner, which I’m totally on board with. It seems to consist mostly of potatoes and drinks. What’s not to like?

The episode begins with Wynonna and Jeremy playing pool. I like them hanging out together! Wynonna is avoiding the bland firefighter she’s been making out with, but Jeremy alerts him to her presence and she suggests getting dinner to Mr. Bland.

Jeremy then calls Robin and invites him to a Big Gay Dinner at the homestead, where the gays of the show can hang out and drink. While on the phone, Robin gets attacked by a thirsty (hungry) vampire Doc. Kate, his vampire wife, brought him a snack in the form of some guy, but Doc was ungrateful and told her he’ll hunt his own. Luckily Robin tasted funny of Earth, so instead of eating him, he brings him to Jeremy who looks after him.

Robin with a blanket
First got bitten, then licked a potato.

Jeremy interrupts the Wynonna/Mr. Bland dinner to complain about Doc, and so while Mr. Bland (ok, his name is Charlie) goes to trap Doc in a circle of rope dipped in holy water, Wynonna goes to set him free by killing his sire (as they used to call them in Buffy).

Kate and Wynonna have a bit of a standoff, threatening each other with guns and later knives, but when the resurrected (by Bulshar) Stone Witch bursts in, they decide to team up. Just like Charlie and Doc team up when she barges into the saloon. She’s really a kind presence that brings people together.

Wynonna and Kate
Wynonna and Kate

The Stone Witch is looking for Bulshar’s ring, persumably, but it appears in a bread-roll (leading Waverly to think Nicole is proposing to her, heh) and when Waverly puts it on, she gets super strenght. She also can’t take the ring off anymore, probably related to the whole angel thing. She does make off with tarot cards that show Bulshar’s past, present and future, and I’m fairly confused about that part. Something about Purgatory being the Garden of Eden, or maybe protecting the Garden of Eden? I’ll need further explanations for that.

Also happening: Robin licks a potato and talks about tree roots. Then he pees in the barn and kneels there for a bit with his shirt off. He’s connected to Bulshar and the trees, and on the one hand that makes sense since he’s been “seeded” by Bulshar, but on the other hand, wasn’t he already coughing up soil before he was abducted? Was that from licking the murder tree? Who knows.

Kate the vampire
I hope we see more of Kate, maybe not just lusting after Doc.

The Stone Witch eventually gets mercy-killed with Peacemaker – it turns blue before Wynonna fires after the Stone Witch herself points the gun at her forehead. Also, Kate tells Wynonna that killing her won’t de-vampire Doc, which was a nice twist. Kate tells her Doc turned himself for Wynonna (which he later confirms, so he can be there for her in the future) and they’re all friendly now. Which is great, but she kills Purgatory citizens to drink their blood. Shouldn’t that be addressed?

All in all an enjoyable episode!

Stray Thoughts from the Wife

  • A good episode. I mean, it featured a big gay dinner, so how could it not be, really?
  • Robin going all planty was weird and him licking the potato was just the right mix of ridiculous and creepy that defines this show.
  • Seriously, I have no idea how Waverly (or Dominique P-C) kept a straight face during that scene.
  • Wynonna eventually becoming friendly with Kate seemed sort of inevitable once they had failed to kill each other on sight. But in the end, it wasn’t badly done.
  • They didn’t really drag out the bust-up with Doc for very long, though. He is back in Wynnona’s good graces! Poor Rebound Guy.
  • He still might be evil?
  • I confess that I’ve been having some trouble taking Bulshar seriously (I mean his name is bull…sh*t), but I take it stuff’s about to go down now. I don’t like the sound of this whole Adam & Eve thing that seems to have kicked off with Waverly…
  • I never really thought of this show as very religious, but in a way its whole premise rests on Christian lore. Hum!

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