Wynonna Earp Recap – Season 02, Episode 02

Wynonna Earp Recap – Season 02, Episode 02

Episode number: S02E02
Episode title: Shed Your Skin
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Gayness: 4 out of 5 stars 4/5

Today’s episode featured a lot of creepy-crawlies suffering from bad CGI. It also had a much better CGI smoky floaty thing that seemed to be in a bit of a rush going from room to room in an empty school. And it featured a lot of goo and showering.

First off, Wynonna and Doc are showering together while Lucado is watching – she’s a very hands-on boss – and everyone’s giving us lots of exposition in case you missed the last episode. Jeremy is also watching. He’s the young scientist we met in the last episode, who breached every protocol and didn’t complain when Waverly hit him over the head with a hard object. He’s probably there so the 14-year-old boys in the audience have someone to identify with. I like him, he’s adorkable, I’m just not convinced he fits with the rest of the show.

Next, a guy called Jesus gets cocooned in a porta potty. Classic!

Officer Haught has returned to her French braid and is doing actual work, which Waverly is trying to distract her from, but Nicole won’t have it. She is upset because Waverly didn’t let her sell her soul to Black Badge. Boohoo.

Wynonna goes to investigate the whole Jesus in a porta potty situation and runs into her childhood frenemy Mercedes who has bought an old Catholic school to convert to condos. Who wouldn’t want to own a condo in Purgatory? Inside the construction site is Earl – a revenant, but one of the nice clean ones with good teeth who don’t get immediately blown to hell. He disappears when Wynonna is distracted by a smell and vision of Willa. She goes after him, only to find a gross cocoon-y thing. She has found Jesus! She does what anyone would do and apparently hauls it in her truck to the police station.

Meanwhile, Doc gets an offer to buy the old bar. Wouldn’t it legally still belong to whoever bought it for Bobo? Is there a death certificate for Bobo? Can he have it back if he respawns from hell one day?

Wynonna drawing
Wynonna draws an important diagramm.

Waverly gets her science on and Wynonna draws dead monsters on a pane of glass until a creepy CGI-disaster of a bug spawns. It is hastily killed and stuffed into a bit glass bottle.

Doc coerces a lady to come work for him. It’s not clear if she’s supposed to supply moonshine or meth, but I guess we’ll find out.

Jeremy hangs out at the Earp house to look at the bug in a bottle but abandons his research to wait on the porch for Doc Holliday, a guy he would like to relax with. One out of the four gay stars of this episode is for you, Jeremy!

Jeremy and Doc
“If I did [relax], I’d want it to be with you.”

The other three are for Nicole and Waverly, who like to hang out in Waverly’s dead sister’s room. Waverly is reading Willa’s old diary where she is complaining about the new baby in the house (Waverly). Waverly has reason to believe she is not an Earp. Nicole is very supportive and smoochy, and as if on cue, they get interrupted, because they always get interrupted.

W&W decide it’s time to burn all of Willa’s stuff, just in case she is haunting Wynonna. About time, I guess. Those horse posters were getting a bit old. They get drunk by the fire and and Wynonna has a sappy scene with Doc in which they talk about how much she misses Dolls but that she’d never have made out with him if she thought Doc was still alive. Doc tells her she can kiss who she wants, and when she tries to kiss Doc, he rebuffs her. Poor Wynonna! No boyfriend, no friends, and your sister has crossed to the other side and is making out with a redhead!

Jeremy realizes that the creepy-crawly he’s been studying came out of an EGG! And Wynonna gets a call from Mercedes requesting help from things that just came out of an EGG! W&W get to her in no time to save her and to yolk all the eggs.

Lucado gets blackmailed into financing Doc Holliday’s bar.

Once Waverly has washed all the yolk off her, Nicole comes to tell her she’ll help her find out if she’s an Earp. Apparently, that’s a big turn-on and there is three gay stars’ worth of undressing happening and they are about to have sex for the first time in Willa’s little bed. This time, nobody interrupts them, but Waverly steps outside for a bit to read Willa’s diary and eat a spider corpse. I hope whatever’s posessing Waves is not sexually transmitted.

Stray thoughts from the wife

  • Black Badge and Lucado have actually moved into Purgatory? That’s going to throw off the dynamics. Bold! I like it.
  • Jeremy is back! Yay? I’m cautiously optimistic that he’ll fall on the right side of the amusingly/annoyingly blithe character. Also, what was that bit about waiting for Doc. IS HE A BIG GAYMO?
  • I like the new woman (Mercedes) and I’m so glad she didn’t get introduced only to get eaten by spiders. *coughElizacough*
  • RIP Earl? You were dull.
  • So Doc Holliday owns Shorty’s now? That’s…OK, I suppose. But where the heck is Gus? Where’s she been this whole time since before the “town got poisoned” episode?
  • Still not sure why Nicole is annoyed with Waverly. Isn’t it obvious that it’s better for Nicole not to sell her soul to Black Badge?
  • Besides, they get over it pretty easily. I’m not against a bit of drama, but this felt manufactured.
  • That said, how about that bit in the bedroom, huh? Pretty sexy until you realise they’re doing the deed in her dead sister’s childhood bed.
  • Had you all forgotten that Waverly is possessed by evil black goo? Fear not! The show will make sure to remind you at some point in every episode from now on.
  • In all seriousnessness, it bothers me that we don’t know how much of Waverly’s actions are within her control. But that’s the nature of this particularly plot thread, I suppose. Wait and see…


A somewhat slow episode that was poor on the monster side (those spider SFX…) but did an adequate job of setting up the new status quo. I would prefer less goo and more western, but hey-ho.

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