Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E11: Daddy Lessons

Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E11: Daddy Lessons

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Gayness: 1 out of 5 stars 1/5

The town is being evacuated because a blood moon is indicating an imminent ritual that could end very badly for everyone. Nicole is overseeing evcuations in a sheek neon yellow vest.

Officer Haught

Meanwhile, Charlie reawakens from the dead possibly because he’s an angel rather than because Waverly touched him. He finds a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and goes walking about town long enough for Waverly to be captured by Wynonna (to prevent her from sacrificing herself for humanity) and then run into Charlie to make him drive her out of the Ghost River Triangle. Little do they know that a bit of fog will deter him to actually do it!

Doc is high on angel blood and is looking for a new fix. He has learnt to glamour people and glamours a couple to snack on with The Contessa. He goes a bit overboard and kills them, but that’s cool because they enjoyed it. (I think that’s just what you’re telling yourself, Doc. You should probably go get some counseling or methadone.)

Doc and Countessa

Wynonna meanwhile gets herself captured by revenants as their fealty to Bulshar because Bobo told them that she doesn’t have her magic gun anymore. Bad Bobo. He’s a meanie and the revenants have caught on and won’t take him along when they find him in his aquarium.

It’s foggy, so goodie-two-shoes Charlie stops at the greenhouse that used to belong to the Earp girls’ mum. Turns out, he slept with the Earp girls’ mom and that’s why Waverly is magic and he’s her daddy. They kind of presented this as a big revelation when it was entirely clear already.

While Charlie and Waverly fend off Doc Holiday, who wants more angel blood, Charlie takes his ring back from Waverly and blasts Doc with a sort of hadoken, knocking him out. Next he grows some angel wings and waxes poetic about beasts. Waverly is good, though, she checks on Doc before she decides to check out the white light surrounding her dad.

Angel with wings

On the other side of town, Mercedes is being amusing and explains to Wynonna that she’s just a platonic wife to Bulshar so she can ride out the apocalypse safely. Wynonna won’t have any of it, then tries to get made Bulshar’s lieutenent and when she tries to beg him to not hurt her sister, she realizes something bad will happen to Bulshar if she touches him. That’s the theory at least, but they always come up with crazy theories on Wynonna Earp which then turn out to be true and nobody mentions it anymore.

Mercedes is swayed my Wynonna’s gutsiness and she also manages to get the revenants on her side but explaining to them that they will be freed from the curse if they kill Bulshar together. They’re surprisingly receptive to the idea. The revenant who did her hair earlier frees her from her cage and they confront Bulshar, so Bulshar skedattles. At this point I’m not sure whose going where, but Mercedes in her fancy dress with Wynonna and a bunch of revenants striding down the main road is a sight to behold. This should be a good finale.

Stray thoughts from the wife

  • OK, so Rebound Guy is back. And Waverly revived him? That’s some powers.
  • Doc is completely out of control. He killed at least three people in this episode, and he’s wearing a leopard-print T-shirt. That’s guaranteed Evil.
  • Meanwhile, Kate the not-remotely-Italian contessa doesn’t put up much resistance to him glamouring and biting two unlucky punters who show up at Shorty’s.
  • Fog indoors? You sure you didn’t just leave the oven on, Kate? Oh no, cos the Ominous Fog was in the greenhouse too. And then was never mentioned again.
  • So hang on, did the statue in the greenhouse look like Waverly? And is it significant that it got shattered?
  • What? Charlie is Julian? Well, cor blimey, knock me over with a feather.
  • Demons eat a lot of kale, apparently. That’s an impressive plate of veggies Bulshar has there.
  • Wynonna calling Mercedes “bro” is the kind of thing I watch this show for.
  • Also, “apocalatunity” 😀
  • So no one is willing to free Bobo except Bulshar, which makes sense given Bobo’s past actions, but that seems sure to come back to haunt us…

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