Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E09: Undo It

Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E09: Undo It

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Gayness: 2 out of 5 stars 2/5

If you like confusing, this episode is for you. Wynonna and Doc get trapped by Bulshar first in a fantasy of sex and love, then in a weird video-gamey dream.

The episode begins, however, with Nicole trying to relieve Waverly of the ring that attached itself to Waverly’s hand a few episodes ago. It’s not budging. They go see a guy who attempts to cut the ring off her finger in a way that was uncomfortable to watch, but he couldn’t get the ring off either (surprise!) and also, he’s a bit of a demon.

Conveniently, they have to leave anyway to see about a disturbance at the Gardner house. Mercedes is using a hammer inside, so how’s that for annoying townspeople who call the police on you if you start hammering! Nicole, in an act that’s entirely too dangerous, shoots the lock on Mercedes’ safe open and Mercedes is reunited with her beautiful wads of cash. I like Mercedes and I’m glad she’s back! Her face is a bit worse for wear, but considering she’s not really had one for quite a while, I’m just glad she gets to look semi-normal again.

The jeweller bursts in to steal Waverly’s ring for Bulshar (did I mention he’s a demon?) and after attacking Mercedes and taking no damage from Nicole’s gun, Waverly presumably kills him with her fancy ring by melting his face. So the ring is special, and as Bobo blabs at one point, it used to belong to her dad, the angel. Mercedes gives Waverly an oven mitt to keep over the ring, just to make sure nobody else’s face gets melted off.

Wynonna at the homestead

Then there’s the whole plot that has Wynonna in some sort of video game where she gets killed again and again while a projected image of Doc is talking to her. She eventually finds him under the floor boards, saves him and confronts Bulshar, only to be set back to the beginning again. The whole thing was a bit tedious to watch, really, and it wasn’t clear how Bulshar was wearing her down, really, except by having her do the same thing again and again. He then asks her for Peacemaker, which is the “tower” he needs to get into paradise, and I guess because she doesn’t want to have to do the same thing over and over again she relents. That came a bit out of the blue. What he put her through didn’t really seem that bad from the outside.

Anyway, Jeremy figures out that while they’re trapped in their nightmare, Doc and Wynonna (and Bobo, too) are really just stuck in the woods, which belong to Bulshar. So he calls in Nicole and Waverly and they go around and save everyone, just a tad bit too late to stop the whole Peacemaker thing.

Jeremy and Waverly in the woods
Jeremy and Waverly in the woods.

In the end, Waverly and Wynonna sit around together and lament that Wynonna gave up Peacemaker and now they’re screwed, and Waverly encourages her to keep on fighting. Maybe they don’t have Peacemaker, but at least they have her ring. Cut to Mercedes, who takes her face bandages off and is HEALED! Thanks to the fact that Waverly touched her with her ring, she concludes. So the ring is magic and I suppose that means it’s coming for Bulshar. You may have fancy hallucinogenics, Bulshar, and a bunch of tree people, but Waverly might still burn your dumb face off if she takes off her oven mitt!

So there you have it. Not my favorite episode by a long shot, but I’m curious to see how these things develop. And yay for Mercedes coming back!

Stray thoughts from the wife

  • Mercedes is back, b*tch, and surprisingly untraumatised by her ordeal.
  • Everyone keeps making a fuss about her face, but she just looks as if she’s got a couple of bruises, not had a complete face transplant (presumably of her own Galadriel-ified face).
  • All that stuff with Wynonna and Doc was a bit…eh. If they were going to go the whole hellish dream sequence route, I feel as if they could have brought a lot more variety into it, including other characters (Dolls, anyone? Lots of torment-by-guilt potential there) rather than just have Wynonna being shot by invisible forces in familiar locations and somehow failing to look for Doc under the floorboards even though it was patently obvious that’s where he was.
  • Oh, wait, Bobo was also in the dream. But his role in it seemed arbitrary at best.
  • In the end, I’m not sure what pushed Wynonna into handing over Peacemaker. Was it seeing Doc and Waverly’s graves? But she knew it was all a dream, right?
  • Also, couldn’t Bulshar physically take Peacemaker off Wynonna while she was unconscious? (Sure, it burns demons, but just use an oven glove, man.) What difference did breaking her spirit make?
  • A bit confused by this whole thing, honestly!

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