Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E05: Jolene

Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E05: Jolene

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Gayness: 1 out of 5 stars 1/5

Today’s episode is full of baked goods! Anyone else craving a cupcake right now? The demon who took over the Earpers by shoving lemon scones into their mouths is called Jolene and she pretends to look human but she’s really an UGLY DEMON! Can you believe it?

I’d like to think people wouldn’t let random strangers shove cupcakes into their mouth, but alright. The premise is: Jolene bakes all day and the magic brownies make everyone think she’s their friend. Her real plan, however, is to also make everyone hate Waverly because they are birthday twins and it’s just not fair that she’s not loved like Waverly.

Doc and Mama Earp
Doc and Mama Earp. What’s with all the banana liqueur?

The scone spell also makes people say things they don’t want to, like Wynonna calling Waverly her half-sister and Nicole telling Waverly off for not keeping her in the loop enough. So Waverly gets sad because nobody loves her and the demon hopes she’ll kill herself out of sadness by stabbing herself with a knife. Luckily, in the last moment she realizes that Wynonna and Nicole do love her and so there’s really no reason for her to kill herself. (I’m sure there’d be other reasons not to kill oneself, too!)

In the end, Wynonna comes to the rescue and the demon is Peacemakered. (Dangerous! Waverly stood right behind Jolene! Luckily the bullet didn’t go through…) So, Mama Earp is fine now, not posessed by a terrible demon anymore. That’s a bit anti-climactic. Also, why didn’t she just tell Wynonna about this? Why didn’t she just say: “Look, I’m bound to this demon who wants Waverly killed. Either find a way to kill the demon or make sure Waverly never comes to see me.” A little bit of communication would have gone a long way.

At the very end, Doc performs some strange ritual that I interpret as him binding himself to Bulshar via Bulshar’s ring. I guess we’ll see how that goes.

Doc in a circle with a ring.
One ring to rule them all?

The whole episode felt a bit silly. Was this the demon’s ingenious plan after years and years of hatching revenge fantasies in prison? And now what: Mama Earp is back to normal? Also: What happened to Jeremy’s date?

Stray thoughts from the wife

  • So Jolene turned out pretty terrifying after all.
  • At least until they showed her real appearance. Seriously, was that a Halloween costume or a plastic villain straight out of Power Rangers?
  • It was quite clever how infuriating it was to watch her keep everyone under her spell. I just wish she’d had a bit more setup and time to grow.
  • Wynonna thought it was odd that the demon prison guard died like a revenant, but…I thought revenants and demons were more or less synonymous. No? Dang.
  • Oh hey, Bobo. I never liked you but I’m glad they haven’t forgotten about you because there’s still some backstory to uncover there.
  • So happy that Waverly rescued herself! Well, broked herself out of the self-hatred trap at least.
  • Still not sure where Jolene came from or in what sense she was bound to Waverly, but maybe we’ll find out more in due course.

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