Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E04: No Cure For The Crazy

Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E04: No Cure For The Crazy

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Gayness: 2 out of 5 stars 2/5

There’s a murder tree in today’s episode, and if you don’t know what that is, that’s good for you. The episode starts with Wynonna and Doc chasing after a baddie, only to find Wynonna’s out of bullets when she tries to Peacemaker him. I didn’t realize Peacemaker used actual bullets – I thought they were kind of mystical bullets that appeared if you needed to off a revenant. But apparently not!

Doc is all happy and cheerful since he got laid at the end of the last episode, and he’s being very flirtatious with Wynonna. So what about his wife then? Why isn’t he with her? Unclear!

Nedley and his fish
Nedley has two fish in his office.

There’s some drama about the police department maybe getting their funding cut and maybe some hinting that Nedley might in one of the next episodes make Officer Haught the Sheriff. I like Nicole and I’d be interested in the dynamics this would create, but I also don’t want Nedley to leave. But we’ll see how that goes.

Also, Jeremy meets a nice boy from Purgatory called Robin and they’re both gay and there’s a lot of awkward flirting happening. Two gay stars for that! I like it, but Robin seems to be secretly vomitting up soil or something and also, he might have just got eaten by a murder tree. Well, either that, or he’s still in there, ready to be rescued by Jeremy. We’ll see.

Jeremy, Robin and Doc
Jeremy, Robin and Doc.

Meanwhile, there’s a bit of contrived plot where supposedly our heroes lost their phones in the woods the other day so they can go back to their very old phones, which then leads to the prison calling Waverly about transferring her mum because that’s the old number they had on file. She goes to see her and her mum freaks out and tells her to go and she shouts: “Kill that demon!” So Wavery thinks her mama wants to kill her. Nedley confesses that the reason Mama Earp got locked up was that she tried to burn down a barn with Waverly in it.

Mama Earp in prison
Mama Earp in prison. I like the colors in these scenes!

In another bit of contrived plot, Mama Earp breaks out of prison and steals Peacemaker, whereas Wynonna gets locked up in her stead. She almost gets killed, too, which is apparently not unusual in that prison, but the revenant loses his head quite literally and so Wynonna gets to leave. (Huh?)

Robin and Jeremy go looking for the murder tree in the woods but only find a foggy staircase, so Jeremy calls Doc and Doc may or may not have sold his soul to Bulshar in order to get reprieve from going back to hell.

Wynonna in prison
Wynonna Earp in prison. I like the colors in these– oh wait!

Finally, Mama Earp is about to burn the barn down again, but it’s not because of Waverly but because of the weird demon that apparently follows her around or something. Not a demon we’ve seen before. Wynonna races home and finds the barn still there and Doc and WayHaught in their PJs eating a bunch of baked goods with the creepy demon lady. And then the show stops on a cliffhanger. Lame!

Let’s find out in the next episode if Wynonna can kill the demon, what happened to the mum, did the murder tree eat Robin or will Jeremy finally get a boyfriend!

Stray thoughts from the wife

  • How in hell is Robin’s first instinct, on finding what looks like blood on a tree, to LICK it?! If he cops it, he’ll have earned a Darwin Award.
  • Not really sure how Jeremy and Robin got out of the forest in the end. Plot convenience, I guess?
  • Also, Doc, what are you doing?
  • Also, Nicole, what are YOU doing?! Why would you throw Bulshar’s ring into the trees when you know he’s out there? Don’t you know the ring wants to get back to its master?
  • Mama Earp is crazy and treats Waverly like a demon. That’s a promising setup until it turns out it was an actual demon she was worried about all along. Why not just explain that to everyone sooner? Unclear.
  • Also unclear why she was scribbling stuff in blood in her prison cell while terrorising her psychiatrist.
  • That ending was pretty ludicrous. The demon that haunted Waverly her entire life is just a nice lady who likes baking? Seems a bit too demon-of-the-week-y.

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