Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E10: The Other Woman

Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E10: The Other Woman

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Gayness: 1 out of 5 stars 1/5

This episode is just full of new characters! There’s a lady called Kevin (really!) who sends Wynonna and Waverly on a quest where they meet one-armed Clint, a radioactive revenant. And then there’s Maeve, the teenage witch who first posesses Nicole and later on, as The Wife pointed out to me, probably posesses Doc.

Kevin appears out of nowhere and annoys the Earps and eats their pickles. She sends them to get Bulshar’s arm, which is still left in the mine he was resurrected from. She also causes a little fight between Wynonna and Charlie. Remember Charlie? He’s her rebound guy. I don’t really care for him.

Wynonna and Charlie
Hi Rebound Guy. Bye Rebound Guy.

They set off to find the arm in the dilapidated mine, but it conveniently walks out attached to a one-armed radioactive revenant. They try to kill him, but he can’t be Peacemakered because Wynonna gave up her gun in the last episode. So they try a few things and then flee to the Gardner house, which is conveniently close to the old radioactive mine. Also, Mercedes is home with her brand new (restored) face and it’s an enjoyable reunion. The jokes are very silly but certainly made me crack up. I missed you, Mercedes, and welcome back! At the end of the episode, Mercedes gets kidnapped by her “date”, and I wonder if the date was Bulshar. She sure has been through a lot and is about to go through more…

Waverly defeats the radioactive revenant (now, I wouldn’t want to have THAT soon-to-rise corpse in my house!) and Kevin reveals that this was all just an elaborate plan to test if Waverly was The One. And she is! Now she can save the world and take her rightful place next to her father’s throne, or something. It will turn her to stone, but it’ll be worth it! Something tells me they’ll come up with a better plan within the season.

On the other side of town, Bobo is in a terrarium and bonds with Jeremy’s boyfriend over jazz. Also, they figure out this week’s MacGuffin is a book that a teenage witch called Maeve owns. Nicole interrupts Doc’s feeding time – he gets blood from a veterinarian – and they set out to talk to Maeve. He tells Nicole to shoot her if he gets uncontrollable because he’s hungry – but his blood is RIGHT THERE, why won’t she let him drink it on the way?

Anyhoo, they find Maeve is essentially a sort of flame ghost because she was burnt at the stake, so she posesses Nicole and later she posesses Jeremy, but he’s unclean and itchy and not all human, so she goes back to Nicole. They get the book off Maeve (it was hidden in the fireplace) and she torches the house down.

Waverly and Wynonna
Waverly’s taste in clothes is nothing short of extraordinary.

I understood Maeve’s house to be kind of out of the way, but still we’re meant to believe someone alerted the firefighters and they get there fairly quickly. They run in without any gear to prevent them from inhaling smoke and Charlie pulls out Doc. Doc thanks him – and then drinks his blood, which apparently kills him. Nicole notices this (the other firefighters have vanished) and gives Doc hell but lets him go. He then laughs creepily as he leaves, which was probably Maeve. So we have a teenage witch running about purgatory in the body of a middle-aged bearded vampire. Fun stuff!

Also, let me just say that that was yet another character death that left me completely cold. If anything, I was happy we got rid of Charlie – Wynonna didn’t seem to like him much, he was neither funny nor interesting and the two had no future together anyway.

All in all it was an entertaining episode, if not a very gay one, and I’m curious to see what’s next!

Stray thoughts from the wife

  • That’s two completely new, and not insignificant, characters introduced in one episode. Guess they’d hit a plot deadlock they couldn’t get out of?
  • Seriously, what is the deal with this Kevin character? What was she doing in the mine? What even is she? Why are bosses called the Menfolk? Are there ladies called Kevin? So many questions.
  • That teenage witch girl is possessing Doc, isn’t she? That’s why he went all bloodlust and bit Rebound Guy.
  • RIP Rebound Guy aka Charlie. I guess they had to find some way to write you out of the show now that you’d served your purpose.
  • The men on this show don’t have much luck, do they?
  • I bet Katherine Barrell was having fun, though.
  • Next time: How Waverly chooses to sacrifice herself but somehow her plucky family find a way to save her?

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