Wynonna Earp Recap – Season 02, Episode 04

Wynonna Earp Recap – Season 02, Episode 04

Episode number: S02E04
Episode title: She Ain’t Right
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Gayness: 1.5 out of 5 stars 1.5/5

Today’s episode starts with a reminder that Waverly is still evil. She’s evil and walking around in the cold, but for some reason Wynonna spots her and makes her come back inside. Everyone, including Waverly herself, is starting to think that She Ain’t Right.

Rosita and Doc in their work gear.

In a restaurant with a very uninterested cashier, a guy gets his hand chopped off for a metal suitcase. And in a bar, Doc and Buxom Biochemist (ha!) are still working on a serum for Dolls. I’m wondering a little as to how they intended to get it to him, since he’s not officially in Purgatory. Who knows.

I was glad to see Officer Haught is still wearing her uniform. She’s eating a gluten-free vegan (? “It almost tastes like real cheese”) pizza – I’m not sure why, and judging by her face, she’s not sure why either. She doesn’t really do a lot in this episode except talk to Wynonna about how Waverly is acting strange and how someone has been stealing all their silverware.

Nicole Haught with her pizza.
Why am I eating this again?”

Wynonna finds Dolls in the shed and now I’m confused. He’s weak when he’s not Lizard Man. Then he becomes Lizard Man and is strong but can’t control it. And when he gets the medication (suppressants?) later, he suddenly becomes a fire-breathing Lizard Man again. What does the serum do exactly?

At any rate, Dolls gets dropped off at Shorty’s and Wynonna stays just long enough to carry the smell of ammonia in her coat to Jeremy, who immediately recognizes it. Jeremy knows everything. He can identify chemicals by smell, he’s also good with technology, ancient symbols and biology. He immediately guesses that Doc is creating a serum so the plot can move along.

Waverly gets to sing in a nightclub, because there’s nothing she can’t do. (Apparently boys are like rules and girls are like guns! Who knew?) Except stay out of trouble, so Wynonna goes to save her when it turns out that Lucado has no backup because Black Badge doesn’t love her anymore.

Waverly loses a hand in a very confusing scene (the bone claw doesn’t look that sharp!), but the demon inside her regrows it, so it’s all good. They keep being attacked by the demon with the terrible CGI claw, but he eventually gets roasted by Lizard Man and everyone has a good laugh about it.

In other news, Mercedes is still alive-ish. She and her sister are both posessed by the creepy shadows from the last episode and Tucker knows something is up and goes to the police. He apologizes to Nicole and tells her he’s totally not evil, but then the demons posessing his sisters talk to him and he essentially sells his and potentially his sisters’ lives to them in exchange for a girl. I mean, Tinder might have worked, but I guess selling your soul is also an option.

Rosalita is trying to charm Jeremy and I award one big gay star to the scene of him backing away from her and eventually telling her that, “You are gorgeous… for a girl.” I can certainly relate to the stress and awkwardness caused by realizing someone of the opposite sex likes you, and kudos to Jeremy for how he handled that. Although it seems Rosalita only charmed him to get him to leave the room.

Wynonna and Waverly
Couldn’t she have tried to shoot the thing when it was a cloud between them?

Lastly, Wynonna tries to talk to Waverly about the goo she touched at the end of season 1, and how she’s not really been herself lately, forgetting things and regrowing hands, and so the evil demon thing inside of her comes out and in an incestuous kiss (for which I award 0.5 gay stars, because it technically is a lesbian kiss, but also: ew!) transfers itself to Wynonna. What! That should be interesting.

Stray thoughts from the wife

  • Uh, I think my plan would have been to barricade Dolls in the barn and go and fetch help from Doc, not haul him into my car and drive him into town, all the while hoping he doesn’t wake up.
  • Jeremy seems a little too good to be true. It makes me wonder if I should be suspicous of him. Also, gaaaaaay.
  • Good thing Waverly can sing on command. Is that her or is it the evil goo possessing her?
  • Aw, look at Doc and Dolls being bros.
  • Here was I shouting “Don’t forget the hand! They can sew that back on!” for half the episode, but now I’m just wondering if Waverly has a duplicate disembodied hand kicking around now and when it’s going to return as the Thing.
  • Also, that’s not much blood for such an injury. I cut my hand on a broken glass once and there was blood EVERYWHERE.
  • I noticed it a couple of episodes ago, but it’s getting really obvious that Melanie Scrofano is preggers. Sadly it means she can’t do much in the way of fancy stunts.
  • Too bad about Mercedes then. But um…are she and her sister still alive, or what’s going on with that…?
  • Wow. This show found a way to have the two sisters kiss. Fanservice, much? Sadly I couldn’t enjoy it because it was too weird.
  • And now Evil Black Goo™ has migrated. Are we back at square one on the secretly possessed heroine front? I hope not.
  • Boobs McSeltzer has graduated to Buxom Biochemist. 😀

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