Wynonna Earp Recap – Season 02, Episode 05

Wynonna Earp Recap – Season 02, Episode 05

Episode number: S02E05
Episode title: Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers
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Gayness: 3 out of 5 stars 3/5

Today’s episode brings us a brand new order that apparently operates out of the local firehouse and has not come up so far, even though they supposedly slay demons quite successfully. I guess the show felt they needed another powerful player, now that Black Badge has decided to leave without a trace, but it did feel a bit contrived.

Doc, Wynonna, Jeremy
We still don’t know what the plate is for.

To remind you that Wynonna is still evil, we see her blending a rat smoothie, which was outstandingly gross in an outstandingly gross episode. And I was eating chunky guacamole, too, when they showed that chunky smoothie! Ew! We also saw a severed head and a severed finger in this episode, so I really hope next episode will be a bit more appetizing.

Evil Wynonna says some pretty mean things to Nicole calling in question her relationship with Waverly, and while she was clearly just being mean, I did think it weird that a newly rescued Waverly didn’t seem to spare any thought for her girlfriend once she was freed and even hanging out at the police station. Why not go in for a smooch and a cuddle and to warn her that Wynonna is posessed? Then again, she didn’t even warn Doc and Dolls when she was about to get “reposessed”, so maybe she generally has issues communicating.

Lucado from Wynonna Earp
Let’s all remember Lucado. She wasn’t all bad.

Lucado was apparently another dead weight for the show, she’s kinda evil because she wants Dolls dead, but she’s also not very useful because Black Badge have abandoned her. So she got her head exploded by the evil goo, which, can I just say, Dolls did a terrible job of cleaning up. He’s one of those guys who gets all the gear – the plastic suit, breathing mask, what have you – only to then do a shoddy job at actually doing the work. As soon as Waverly and Doc come back, he lets them distract him with all the exploded goo still on the walls. I’m really not clear on who cleaned Lucado off the walls in the end.

The good news, however, is that the big evil monster that’s been wreaking havoc on Waverly and Wynonna for the past five episodes can be expelled with a drink made out of herbs – essentially Jägermeister, really. And when this is finally done, the whole exorcism and killing of the big bad is a bit anti-climactic.

Nicole, Waverly, Wynonna and a lightning rod.
Nicole, Waverly, Wynonna and a lightning rod.

At the very end, Wynonna the character gets to follow the actress and finds out she is pregnant. Why did she not use protection when she was sleeping with Doc? Unclear! I wonder if there ever will be another little Earp heir running about or if this whole storyline will end in grief in some horrible way.

So despite one severed finger, one severed head, one exploding head, a pen through a hand and projectile vomitting, we also get rewarded with one big kiss between Officer Haught and newly demon-free Waverly, which I am awarding 3 gay stars.

Stray thoughts from the wife

  • Evil Black Goo has a name, and its name is Mictian! That sort of makes it less scary. And indeed it meets its demise in this episode. It will not be missed.
  • Supposedly Mictian is what made Willa evil? That particular plot point flew over my head until now. It seemed more interesting to have Willa turn evil because of what happened to her, but I guess there are still some gaps in the backstory to be filled in there.
  • Creepy cultist fireman Ewan never stopped being creepy, even when he appeared to be on the side of good. There’s something about his smirking face…
  • RIP Lucado. She was a real bitca, but I really didn’t expect her to go like that. It’s sort of a shame because I was enjoying her rivalry with Dolls.
  • Speaking of which, how strong was Lucado that she could match Dolls in a hand-to-hand fight? I’m all for women holding their own in combat and all, but I reckon she must have been on some sort of Black Badge…substance.
  • And wow, her messy demise was swept under the carpet easily. Had I been Dolls, I would have wanted to secure the parameter a lot better and worn an actual hazmat suit to clean up (why was his head out?) How’d he dispose of the body and all?
  • I must admit I can’t watch when limbs are being stabbed with pens or cut off with secateurs. So I miss some choice bits of CGI, but really. Ew.
  • Hurrah for Doc Holliday finally twigging that Wynonna was possessed. Took him long enough!
  • I really had no idea what was in the brown paper bag at the end. Guess we don’t usually get stuff from the chemist’s in paper bags in Europe.
  • Uh oh, Wynonna is pregnant? Bit late for taking advantage of the actress’s pregnancy, which she’s been hiding under big coats for the last three episodes. But more importantly, whose is it? Doc Holliday’s? That’s gonna be awkward…
  • Lastly, aww, Nicole. I wish she had more to do lately, but she still had a very sweet moment with Waverly at the end.

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