Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E07: I Fall To Pieces

Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E07: I Fall To Pieces

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Gayness: 2 out of 5 stars 2/5

It’s buddy movie time in Purgatory! Wynonna and Nicole go on an adventure together, Mama Earp pairs up with Doc and Waverly gets to hang with Jeremy. How nice!

Nedley is resigning as Sheriff and Nicole is campaigning to be elected his successor while Wynonna is shtupping a firefighter. Apparently, Wynonna hasn’t seen Doc in a week, likely because he in turn is shtupping a vampire – and becoming one himself. He’s starting to look transparent in mirrors and Bulshar’s ring is starting to reject him. Also, he has golden teeth when he’s angry. Do vampires have to floss?

Nicole, Wynonna and Waverly
Coffee, donuts and Wynonna.

So Nedley tells Wynonna and Nicole to clean out his safe full of supernatural things, but they break a garden gnome and it spawns a big guy with an axe somehwere in Purgatory. And while Nicole tries to convince a lady called Bunny (a homophobic xenophobe, because why pick just one?) to vote for her, the gnome makes her faint and then she gets abducted in the police car as Wynonna and Nicole argue about something.

The bad luck is caused by a mirror they broke, and they end up at a revenant bar in a drinking contest, which Wynonna is winning by cheating and Nicole is winning just because. They eventually get chased by revenants and then rescued and chased by the gnome, who wants one of them for a wife. And while each of them argue why the other would make a better wife (“I’m a lesbian.” – ” Oh like you never went through an experimental phase.” -“Not with gnomes!”), Jeremy and Waverly fix the gnome and the mirror and that solves the whole gnome problem.

Jeremy and Waverly
The brains of the operation.

Somewhere else in Purgatory, Mama Earp is visiting her daughter’s grave and getting ready to leave the Ghost River Triangle to look for Waverly’s dad, Julian (the angel). I guess it’s a convenient way for the show to get rid of her again, although I quite liked her as a character. To me it’s fairly unrealistic that they had such a nice Christmas together and all got along so well, considering their history. Sure, she’s their mum, but they haven’t seen her in forever (well, Waverly hasn’t), and she’s suddenly there and it’s not awkward. But she is a charismatic woman and I enjoyed watching her bossing around Doc.

At the very end, Wynonna finds out Doc is a vampire and she bans him from the homestead. It does make sense to me that he’d want to be immortal again, but I think the show did a bad job expressing this motivation. It came across as a rash decision what with Wynonna not being very committed to him and his wife asking nicely. They should have put a lot more agony into that decision.

Nedley and Wynonna
Nedley and Wynonna.

Anyway, I did fully enjoy the scenes between Wynonna and Nicole and it’s great that she’s not just reduced to being Waverly’s girlfriend. And we did get some backstory: It was Nedley who rescued her after the Bulshar massacre when she was a kid and she doesn’t talk to her parents now because her parents don’t like cops. And Nedley will always be around to help Nicole if she needs him. I hope she will, because I like Nedley.

Stray thoughts from the wife

  • Calamity Jane appearance!
  • Doing office work with Wynonna would definitely drive me up the wall.
  • Wonder if Bunny will make a return as the one-note bigot she is. I thought it interesting that she initially wanted to know about the supernatural things going on in town, but then…nope.
  • When the car key broke in the lock is when I started shouting “Come on!” at the TV and then it was revealed they had artificially bad luck. Should have seen that coming!
  • Yay for the return of drunk Nicole!
  • Wynonna/Nicole and Doc/Michelle were interesting pairings to explore this time.
  • But I was waiting for Michelle to leave. She was clearly going to disrupt the family dynamic in the long term.
  • Did Melanie Scrofano really have a baby less than a year ago? Where’d all the weight go??? Jissus.

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