Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E03: Colder Weather

Wynonna Earp Recap – S03E03: Colder Weather

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Gayness: 2 out of 5 stars 2/5

This episode was all about dealing with the death of Dolls that just suddenly sneaked up on us in the last episode. I still feel very meh about it. They had Rosita and Jeremy work on new drugs and all seemed to go well – now all of a sudden he’s dead and Jeremy wasn’t even surprised. I feel Dolls should have had a more heroic death.

Wynonna deals with her friend’s death much like you’d expect – by getting blindingly drunk and yelling for Bulshar. If you think about it, Wynonna is really a high-functioning alcoholic, but an alcoholic nonetheless. It’s always kind of brushed off as “look at how tough she is” and I guess that’s the way this show works. Still, I guess it’s very good she fast-forwarded through her pregnancy or the baby might have had some serious alcohol-related developmental issues.

I like his t-shirt.

WayHaught are looking at some caskets, trying to figure out how to deal with Dolls’ remains. They make a point of showing the funeral director that they’re a couple after he suggests women should talk to their husbands about the kind of funeral they would want, and Nicole tells Waverly that when she dies, she wants to be eaten by vultures and then pooped out. If that were legal here, I’d be totally on board with it, but we don’t even have vultures and I think it might scar the passers-by for life.

The gang decides to give Dolls a proper wake and lots of sandwiches are consumed in the process. Wynonna has a falling-out with Jeremy because he knew that Dolls was going to die and he didn’t tell her – never mind that he didn’t tell her because Dolls asked him not to. I can see why she’d be upset, but telling him to pack up and leave felt a bit extreme.

Waverly and Wynonna
Sat by a campfire.

Waverly and Nicole go to Dolls’ room (Nicole had a key to it) and find a letter addressed to Wynonna to be given to her when he dies. He kept it in a big solid suitcase that was apparently not locked. Also, Nicole tells Waverly that she’s the sole survivor of a Cult of Bulshar massacre and Waverly seems a bit disappointed – “I kind of thought you were normal”. Waverly then has her handbag with the letter stolen by the vampire lady from two episodes ago who turns out to be Doc’s wife, and she gets another fun line: “Does anyone round here not have a secret wife?”

Also happening: An ex-Black Badge employee without much of a personality barges in on the wake to lament the death of his friend Dolls. For a moment there I thought he was going to be the new Dolls, but luckily he was put on a bus by Wynonna at the end and told not to come back. I didn’t like him because he put staples in Jeremy’s leg to get him to give him the remaining serum. That’s not nice!

Let me pause for a moment and remember Rosita, the Buxom Biochemist. Maybe she could’ve fixed Dolls’ drugs. But she’s somewhere in the Ghost River Triangle and might not be coming back. Sigh.

After the gang kills a bunch of drugged up revenants (drugged and drunk on banana liqueur) that don’t really pose much of a challenge and Jeremy and Wynonna make up, Waverly and Wynonna talk about their future burials, as the Earp clan didn’t buy a funeral spot for Waverly. Poor Waverly, it’s just one disappointment after another. Wynonna suggests they can both be buried on the homestead (also illegal here) and Haught could come, too, if she didn’t want to be vulture poop. I thought that was a pretty sweet affirmation of their relationship.

Dolls' funeral.
Funeral happening.

Lastly, Doc goes to see his wife (who said that Waverly might not be an Earp, “but she’s something else”) and presumably sleeps with her, which is good for him and good for her but weren’t he and Wynonna a thing? And he and Rosita? Well, I sure am glad at least WayHaught’s relationship is stable.

Stray thoughts from the wife

  • Dolls really is dead, eh?
  • Better episode. At least this one didn’t feel rushed and chaotic, and it knew what it wanted to do. It even had some funny one-liners!
  • That Ramon guy could have been more interesting, especially if he had represented Black Badge coming back after hearing the news (you won’t convince me that Black Badge is really disbanded), and highlighted some sort of love-hate relationship between BBD and its test subjects…but it turns out he just wanted revenge on them. Oh well.
  • Staple-gun torture kinda yanks him out of the friendzone and into the arseholezone, I have to say.
  • Contessa lady-vampire returns and one wonders what the deal with her really is. (It strikes me as unlikely from a historical point of view that Doc Holliday would have been married to a black woman, but whatever – I’m glad there’s another black character in the show!)
  • I do think it’s a shame that they never really explored Wynonna/Dolls. The love triangle kept limping along, but it was always Doc who had the upper hand, especially after Alice.
  • I’m also a little disappointed that we never found out anything interesting about Dolls’s past in BBD. Even his conflict with Lucado, which suggested something deep and traumatic, was resolved in a single anecdote.
  • So that’s that. RIP Dolls.

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