Wynonna Earp Recap – Season 02, Episode 11

Wynonna Earp Recap – Season 02, Episode 11

Episode number: S02E11
Episode title: Gone as a Girl Can Get
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Gayness: 3 out of 5 stars 3/5

Today’s episode starts with an explosion in a barn. Then we go back in time a bit. We’re in an alternate universe thanks to a wish by the Iron Witch and Doc’s not really stuck in the well, he’s actually the big bad ruler of the revenants. But since he touched the trophy while the wish was made in the last episode, he kept his memories and has decided he needs to get Wynonna back.

Nicole and Waverly are not together in this episode, but Waverly is about to marry Perry. (Also, Nicole wears her wedding ring, but she’s not sure why.) Perry’s the handsome devil from the episode with the trophy, who used his wish to win at hockey. I got the impression she wants to marry him because he’s successful and will be a way for her to leave Purgatory. Chemistry between them: Zero.

Wavverly and Nicole in a car
Nicole is a cop and Waverly thinks she smells like donuts.

On the other hand, Nicole is entirely smitten with Waverly in this universe as well. So much so she even pretens to like pickles. Nedley is inexplicably dead, so Nicole is officially the law of Purgatory. They go together to talk to the Iron Witch, who’s a bit disillusioned with the way her wish turned out. Her sister is still dead. You’d think she’d really know better than to make unclear wishes.

Also, Doc Holliday tries to get Dolls to help him get Wynonna back, but Dolls thinks he’s evil. Doc shoots Dolls, expecting him to wear body armour (he’s not), and then Dolls shoots him back. That went well. But it’s fine, it’s only an alternate universe, and it sets Waverly on the right path. It also sets Jeremy on the right path as he teams up with Rosita.

Rosita and Jeremy
Rosita = 75% legs, Jeremy = 50% feet.

Waverly gets Bobo out of the mental ward because he might help get Wynonna back. It was a pretty easy break-out. She just untied his straightjacket and that was that. Pretty neglectful of the ward to not oversee her visit. (Also, he’s telekinetic, you’d have thought he could have freed himself.)

In the end, Jeremy, Rosita, Nicole and Waverly end up in the barn on the homestead that has the trophy in it. I was kind of hoping they’d use the alternate universe for some slow romantic build-up between Nicole and Waverly, the kind we never got to see. (Remember: We went from furtive glances directly to making out in Nedley’s office.) Instead we go from a smitten Nicole telling Waverly: “I’d do a lot of things to you.” to the Stone Witch showing them that they were together in a past life right to smooching before they explode in a barn.

Nicole, Waverly and Jeremy
They got a good haircut out of the explosion. (Is anyone else reminded of Buffy?)

As for the exploding barn, the whole thing is a bit far-fetched. Waverly thinks that maybe exploding themselves with the trophy will bring this Wynonna back one keeps hearing so much about, and Nicole’s like “Yeah, that’s cool.” They could at least try to run out of the barn and survive. But fine, it worked, Wynonna is back and having a baby, and so is Demon Clootie. (Back, not having a baby.) Let’s see how the season finale goes!

Stray thoughts from the wife

  • Waverly’s fiancé is Perry? What about Champ? Was the actor not available?
  • Maybe the idea is that Waverly doesn’t go for the whole cute airhead image in this world. She certainly doesn’t act like it.
  • Gus mention! She’s apparently still around, off screen.
  • Mercedes was particularly revolting in this episode. Note to self: avoid eating dinner while she’s on screen.
  • Doc and Dolls’ mutual destruction seemed a little pat. Had to appreciate the death scenes, though.
  • This episode was clearly going to be a prime opportunity for some pre-relationship WayHaught flirtation. Let me just say I enjoyed this awkward Nicole a whole lot more than the pushy one we first met in season 1.
  • Also Waverly blurting out her realisation on the phone felt more endearing than her coming-out scene in season 1.
  • Sadly, that’s all we’re getting of parallel universe WayHaught, though. That and pre-explosion snogging. (Poor Jeremy.)
  • How did Waverly know they wouldn’t stay dead if they destroyed the trophy with fire? Seemed awfully risky.
  • Here was I expecting a lengthy excursion into a parallel Wynonna-less universe, but she’s back in time for the finale – and wouldn’t you know it, the baby is coming at the worst possible time!

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