Wynonna Earp Recap – Season 02, Episode 09

Wynonna Earp Recap – Season 02, Episode 09

Episode number: S02E09
Episode title: Forever Mine Nevermind
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Gayness: 3 out of 5 stars 3/5

Today’s episode is full of revenants revelations! But we begin with a little flashback to Waverly being a cheerleader again, except now she’s got a stick and is fighting her pregnant sister. Now that the Widows are about, it’s apparently time to help Waverly learn some self-defence. Really? Shouldn’t she have been training forever, what with living in Purgatory, which is full of revenants?

Dolls gets his medication from the Buxom Biochemist (Rosita!) and gives her a spa voucher as a thank you. Really? I think this is just so the show has an excuse to show Waverly in a bikini. It’s also Dolls’ way of getting Rosita out of her lab so he can steal the recipe of his medication from her. Sneaky. (Side note: Nobody uses a voucher within hours of getting it! They lie around for almost two years until you realize they’re about to become obsolete.)

Meanwhile, Nicole and Waverly are fighting, which is annoying. Instead of talking it out and being an adult about it, Waverly is aggressive and mean and flirts with any demon she sees, beginning with Tucker’s sister, who comes to look at what is presumed to be Tucker’s burnt corpse. She’s not too sad about it, but then, she’s a demon and he’s not really Tucker.

Doc eating some sort of egg dish.
Can we just order pizza?

On the other side of town, Doc Holliday is being cooked for by Wynonna, presumably to talk about the B-A-B-Y. As a gift, he brings the creepiest painting you can imagine, which is somehow haunted and also spawns a disturbing doll that Wynonna quickly peacemakers. You’d think that meal she cooked would’ve been deterrent enough for any demons, but they’re apparently attracted to the third seal (Doc’s ring) – which is what Wynonna wants, too. He doesn’t want to give it to her because then he’ll die (“only as much as any of us”, Wynonna tells him) and Wynonna wants it so she can break it once the baby arrives so she can kill Demon Clootie when he rises as a result. Doc gives it to her in the end.

Rosita and Waverly having a drink.
You’ll be less lonely with a cherry in your drink. Trust me, I’m a chemist.

Meanwhile, Rosita takes Waverly to the spa because Waverly is pouting because of Nicole and Rosita is pouting because of Doc. And if you thought the show couldn’t get any more fan-servicy after showing us Waverly and Rosita in their bikinis, they also get to smooch. But who can blame Waverly for being attracted to Rosita’s big brain when she talks science? I swooned a little, too. Three gay stars for this!

Rosita and Waverly  - that escalated fast!

Sadly, Rosita then gets murdered by Tucker, who’s not dead but severly frostbitten, and all the combat training that was supposed to save Waverly from demons doesn’t even help save her from a guy who’s a few fingers short. I was expecting Nicole to burst in any moment, roused by Waverly’s rude text, but instead she gets saved by Rosita. Turns out she’s a revenant, but a good one. They have so much in common! Waverly’s half-revenant, too!

In the end, Tucker gets eaten by one of the demon sisters, who seem to have had a falling out. The other demon sister uses a spell to find out where the third seal is and, surprisingly, it leads her right to Nicole’s house. Let’s hope Nicole is crafty and resourceful and doesn’t meet her untimely end in the next episode. My money’s on her getting rescued by Waverly, and then they can kiss and make up and forget about their silly quarrelling. If Nicole’s fine with Waverly being half-demon, she’s a keeper!

Nicole opening the door to a Widow. Yikes.
I hope she’s got her gun nearby.

Stray thoughts from the wife

  • I went through a couple of negative emotions when Rosita appeared to be deceased on the floor after suddenly becoming a sympathetic plot device for Waverly and drama-creating factor in the Wynonna/Doc/Dolls love triangle. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time this show summarily disposed of a side character without their storyline amounting to anything (see also: Shorty, Eliza, the Stone Witch and the Stone Witch’s wretched offspring). But it’s good to see they aren’t writing her out that quickly. And I should really have seen that plot point coming! Go, Rosie!
  • The Waverly revelation, on the other hand, had been widely telegraphed for a few episodes, so I was not surprised about that. Can’t wait for more details.
  • I am quite confused about the whole Gardner situation. Are they now not friends? Why did Tucker send them Constance Clootie’s head? Did he turn against them or just sort of walk out? When, why and to what degree did Beth betray Mercedes and decide to go it alone?
  • My powers of observation are failing me, but how did they recognise Tucker’s body at the start? And how did it end up not being him? (I guess the show still intends to answer that…or not since Tucker’s being eaten as of end of the episode? He will not be missed.)
  • The real Mercedes and Beth’s bodies in the basement is some chill-inducing stuff, jeepers.
  • Dolls goes into the Widows’ house with a gun, waves the gun about and never fires it. At least he’s consistent.
  • Speaking of which, that painting business was also creepy as. But…they shot it so it’s OK now? I have no idea.
  • Wynonna and Doc arguing was a bit tedious (I guess I never really felt the chemistry between those two), but Wynonna in a flowery apron was highly amusing.

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